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ZetaTalk: Shock
Note: written Dec, 2002

Shock, from a situation unexpected, exists in human society today. An individual in a car wreck, walking away from the car where other family members lie bloodied and dead, has suddenly been thrown into an unexpected horror. A town, where a tornado has descended with little warning, tossing not only neighbors and family about like litter but destroying a way of life, memories, and the continuation of a livelihood. A visit to the doctor results in the grim-faced announcement that a terminal illness has been discovered, perhaps more tests or a treatment can alter the prognosis, but one should prepare themselves and family for a possible untimely end. A spouse announces an intention to divorce, an employer the decision to close the business and relocate elsewhere - all can descent upon one without notice and are a shock from the unexpected and devastating. Nothing new, in human society.

The pole shift will bring about such shock, in great numbers, but with a difference. none will be spared, and all will be facing the same situation. Money will not put one into security, nor will hoarding goods change the odds, as the Aftertime will be a great leveler and goods will be shared by force, if not by free will. The recovery from shock takes two routes, depending upon the nature and resolve of the person affected, and this cannot be changed by others as it is a personal decision.

Those who have dependents, children or the injured or oldsters, but remain in shock and refuse to adjust or take action, should have their dependents removed from them. Let the person who insists on remaining in shock sit there, in shock, until death if this is their decision. Put your energies into the living, those who have chosen life, instead.

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