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ZetaTalk: Human Health
Note: written Dec, 2002

The effects of the shift on human illness will not be outside of what is experienced today, while traveling to foreign lands or moving to a different climate. The admonition not to drink the local water, or to eat the local fruit without washing it well, is an example. The human immune system adjusts, developing antibodies against new germs, so illness is a temporary, if unpleasant, situation. The shift will find germs, as well as animals and humans and plants, migrating after the shift, and this situation has started in the years leading up to the shift. Thus, even if one remains in the home land, new germs will arrive, uninvited. The roiling core, which is increasing in activity in the years leading up to the shift, has little effect on animal and human life, despite the increase in albinism like the White Buffalo. The core, after all, roils all the time, under normal circumstances, so is nothing new. Those surviving the shift will find themselves experiencing more illness due to:

  1. new germs being brought into the area
  2. reduced immune systems due to depression
  3. poor nutrition

In any case, the answer is to have a positive outlook, as this raises the immune system; eat a diet balanced in vitamins and minerals even if a high calorie diet is not possible; exercise by taking action to improve the life of all in the community as taking action against problems and doing for others raising the morale, overall; and allowing the body to adjust to new germs by developing antibodies, a process that often requires the body to be sick for a period of time, but he fever and weakness are a normal part of the process. In time, this passes, so should be looked up on as temporary.

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