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ZetaTalk: Protection/Healings
Note: written on Sep 15, 2002

There is much desire among mankind, those who are contactees or not, for some sort of protection during the coming times. They look to their gods, to their governments, to their circle of family and friends, and see these will be lacking. Hearing of some protections, or healings, being given to humans by aliens, hope leaps into their hearts. We have, as other valid alien channels have, explained that some healing is done, and some protections given. Where is the line drawn, and how can one apply for this? Healings are done under two circumstances, only.

  1. because the person needing help as someone who loves them so intensely, is willing to sacrifice themselves for that person, and is aching to do something, anything, to help. In this circumstance, it is a Service-to-Others call, of the highest order, and may be answered by Service-to-Others aliens who step in and give that person their wish. Healings are never done because the person needing help begs for themselves. A theoretical Service-to-Others requesting to help a Service-to-Self person would not be honored, as Service-to-Others aliens could hardly interface with a strongly Service-to-Self person. To be effected, the person must be willing to allow the aliens wanting to intervene to assist, and a Service-to-Self person would shrink from such contact.
  2. because the person needing help is in a position, during this Transformation, that their demise or disability would be considered detrimental to programs the Council of Worlds considers of highest importance. ZetaTalk is an example of this, certainly not the only such program, nor the highest importance, but known to those reading it so will be used as an example. Should Nancy take sick, and be unable to respond to interview requests or answer email, what would the impact be? She may not be asking, but those considering the wide range of Tranformation activities dependent upon her message reaching certain populations, are concerned. Thus, her potential cancer or heart attack is corrected, should it arise.

Protections are done in a similar manner, prevention of illness, but most often prevention of assassination. This has been done in the past, as the Oahspe mentioned, during the birth of the US as a democracy, as a major influence in the world. The Oahspe states that bullets were caught in the hands of angels, rather than proceeding to the assassination attempt goal. In like manner, many, many individuals during the Tranformation are being protected, unbeknownst to them. This is not because someone giving the Call desires to be protected, which is in almost every case a self focused request, but because someone else has determined that their activities are of key importance to others. Thus, the best hope of being protected, or healed, is to not think of oneself, but of others, intensely, and take action to help others. This is the Service-to-Others hallmark, as when the person is doing this, they think not of themselves.

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