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Planet X: ALTERNATIVE Explanation #1

The Zetas have repeatedly stated that NASA et al would muster forth
Alternative Explanations for Planet X, most likely first calling it a
nova, and then an asteroid swarm.  This is all to keep the public dumb
and complacent, while the establishment, NASA and those who commandeered
the White House stock up their bunkers and slink away without telling
you.  From existing ZetaTalk, written Dec 15, 2000.

    [Planet X] will be visible to the common man some 7 weeks
    prior to the shift, without the use of telescopes, and that
    [Planet X] zooms through the solar system during that time,
    from one side to the other, in 3 short months, a period of 12
    weeks. Thus, it becomes visible when out on the outer edge
    of the solar system, and will gain in size and brightness as
    it comes closer.  ... At first, this reddish cross will be a
    curiosity, to those not in the know about the coming
    passage. It will be most visible at night, when not diluted
    by sunlight, and will have many explanations depending
    upon the culture viewing it's approach. A warning, a sign,
    an approaching demon, an approaching angel, or, if the folk
    are listening to scientists intent upon giving scientific
    explanations to null the alarm of the populace, all manner
    of astronomical occurrences. But it grows larger, and brighter,
    weekly. Ah, but novas do likewise, so this will be the
    explanation of choice among those distracting and placating
    a nervous populace. When it becomes apparent that there
    is motion in this reddish cross, and novas do not move in
    the skies, there will be no comment from the scientific
    establishment, but by then it will be almost too late for the
    public to react.
        ZetaTalk™: Reddish Cross

During the March 29, 2003 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session I posted as a SIGN
of the TIMES someone's note that V838 Mon was in the news, but without,
for the general public, any mention of WHERE this dramatically exploding
star was located. Several NASA and astronomy news web sites failed to
mention this.; 
Now we know WHY.

Yesterday I heard from someone in Sweden/Norway just WHY the location is
omitted, for the general public.

    I saw some frightening news on the Swedish television today
    about an exploding star nearby the Orion that supposedly
    has become a big reddish object on the sky. It was suggested
    that it could possible grow larger, and could even be seen
    at daylight. I checked, and there I found this
    article about a star V838 Mon that has emerged something
    in the same manner as PX has.
    It was also made an animation of the star V838 Mon, and the
    animation shows a development to a large reddish object,
    similar to the latest pictures of PX. Is this a possible coverup
    from the establishment?

Surely we can trust NASA, who withholds the live feed from the Hubble
from the tax payers who pay for it all. The ESA, whose first instinct is
to provide information, does a bit of a better job.

    26-Mar-2003 January 2002, a moderately dim star in the
    constellation Monoceros, the Unicorn, suddenly became
    600 000 times more luminous than our Sun. This made it
    temporarily the brightest star in our Milky Way. The
    light from this eruption created a unique phenomenon
    known as a 'light echo' when it reflected off dust shells
    around the star. ... The brightness of V838 Monocerotis,
    as astronomers call the star, has long since returned to
    normal levels. 600 000 times more luminous than our Sun.

If this is in the constellation Monoceros, the Unicorn, so why is the
Swedish TV stating Orion? An ASU Press Release states that V838 Mon is a

    ASU gets second Nature cover in March: new kind of
    nova discovered Astronomers using NASA's Hubble
    Space Telescope are keenly watching a wave of light
    sweeping though space from a mysterious star that
    unexpectedly brightened, like a camera flash popping
    off. ... The outburst of V838 Mon was somewhat similar
    to that of a nova.
        PRESS RELEASE NO.: STScI-PR03-10

Zetas RIGHT Again!