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Planet X Moon Swirl: Zetas RIGHT Again!

During the 2001 sci.astro debates, coming under much ridicule from the
man-knows-all and the Earth-is-still-Flat crowd, the Zetas stated that
the moons of Planet X, numbering in the dozens and appearing in imaging
sessions as asteroid swarms, in the dozens, TRAILED Planet X and SWIRLED
around each other.  As written during the 2001 sci.astro debates.

    The moons of Planet X, which trail it like a string of
    pearls out in space, ... trail, and spin in a slow
    whirlwind behind Planet X ... Planet X moves away
    from its moons, pulling forward with increasing speed,
    ... They are thus trying to catch up to Planet X, even
    when Planet X leaves them behind. ... Moons that
    have arrived in a whirlwind behind a rapidly traveling
    planet ... find other moons directly in the path they
    wish to take toward their gravitational giant, in this
    case Planet X. ... The swirling is increased as each
    time a larger moon attempts to approach its planet,
    it encounters other moons directly in its path which
    have nowhere to go but round and round, ... They
    are all stuck in a corridor behind the planet, not able
    to leave, not able to pass each other, and not able
    to catch the planet to reinstated a circular orbit around it.
        ZetaTalk™: Swirling Moons

And as depicted by photos taken from atop a Hawaii volcanoe, and North
Carolina, dust cloud swirls, moon swirls, which BOTH photos show, and a
string of pearls appearance emerging in the North Carolina photo.

    Finally clear skies!!! Ok took a quick glance in the
    sky where this url points to:
    And indeed there is something there. But, it could just be
    another star so I´m going to check out some constellation
    charts. ... Ok I got the pictures... Its sooo cold out that I’m
    shaking like crazy. ... What I did was create a makeshift
    stand for my binoculars using a piece of string, a lawn chair,
    and a plastic outdoor table. The binoculars are perfectly
    steady, very little wind. I’m going to keep trying until I can
    get something recognizable. ... The camera was set to the
    highest resolution possible. ... I think I located what your
    looking at on the photo ... I’ve cropped and enlarged it
    and did some enhancements.
        North Carolina Binocular Photos, Mar 31, 2003

    I got a great picture of Planet X from on top of one
    of Hawaii’s volcanoes. I went up the Haleakala volcano
    to have a good look at Planet X. There was cloud cover
    on the top of the volcano (10,000 ft ). On my way down,
    I stopped at the 6,000 ft level and had clear skies. I took
    this picture with a 7 x zoom on a digital camera using
    the roof of the car to steady the camera for a 4 second
    exposure. I was amazed at how well it turned out when
    I looked at it on my computer screen. By zooming it
    another 8 times I could make out 9 moons.

    <planetxse/#zetatalk> I had no trouble finding the complex
    <Marduk274/#zetatalk> What does it look like to naked
    <planetxse/#zetatalk> Red fading in an out. Very red
    <Marduk274/#zetatalk> Did you use corner of the eye
      technique or just straight on?
    <planetxse/#zetatalk> Straight on. It just kept on pulsing.
    <n18/#zetatalk> Did it look like [this] link?
    <planetxse/#zetatalk> I'll check. Yes but much reder, in
      person. I am taking pics also tonight if weather permits.
          #zetatalk IRC channel

    The whole Hawaiian photo of the purported Planet X
    shows that the photo was taken by a 1.2 megapixel
    camera (1280 x 960). Brightness enhancement shows the
    whole picture has a near normal cluster of stars (which
    can be valuable for arcsec calibration and Planet X
    location identification on March 31 at 12:16 A.M.).

        Hawaii Photo, Apr 4, 2003

Zetas RIGHT Again!