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Re: Planet X in the Solar System, Visible!

In Message <2yEka.32850$>David Tholen wrote:
> zetatalk <> writes:
>> Right on target, SPOT on, 7 weeks before passage shortly after
>> May 15, 2003, Planet X and its dust cloud and swirling moons
>> is within the solar system, reflecting sunlight, and visible to the
>> unaided eye.
> Then why can't I see it, Nancy?

Because your paid not to, Dave, as a NASA associate.  But we can see
YOU, Dave, there at the U of Hawaii, where so many NASA projects are
hosted, so when it is without doubt that you have been MISLEADING the
public, paid to do so, even though YOU knew and could prepare for your
safety, folks will know where to find YOU.

In Message <b6v027$s5r$> Jim Scotti wrote:
> Idon't wrote on 7 Apr 2003:
>> Stand by for Nancy to "find" PX in your images.
> There's enough noisy pixels in those images that she'll be
> able to find PX and it's floatilla of debris with no trouble
> at all.
> Jim Scotti
> Lunar & Planetary Laboratory
> University of Arizona
> Tucson, AZ 85721 USA

And we’ll know where to find YOU, Jim, when it is without doubt that
you’ve been MISLEADING the public, there in your cozy nitch helping the
Pope Scope keep the big secret from the flock and being a NASA
associate, even though YOU knew and could prepare for your safty.  Folks
will know where to find YOU, dear Let-Them-Drown Jim Scotti.

In Message <> Sarah Mc wrote:
> Are you willing to come back here on May 15th and
> apologize to everyone for making yourself look like a
> 5 year old?

But we can count on Sara at to NOT stand up and be
counted and certainly not located to explain why SHE deliberatly mislead
everyone.  She will disappear, along with her AOL address and her vague
explanations of where she lives and why she has to have an AOL address,
and will prove to be a non-person who never DID exist.