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Planet X in the Solar System, Visible!

Right on target, SPOT on, 7 weeks before passage shortly after May 15,
2003, Planet X and its dust cloud and swirling moons is within the solar
system, reflecting sunlight, and visible to the unaided eye. As written
during the Live ZetaTalk IRC session on Dec 15, 2001.

    Until mid-2002 you should go to your local observatory
    to see the 12th Planet. This is because observatories
    enhance visibility in a number of ways. ... until Mid-2002,
    astronomers or those determined to look for themselves
    will not have much luck. Between that date and the 7
    week prior to the shift period when all will be able to see
    the 12th Planet, with or without scopes, there will be
    gradual increase such that amateurs will begin to see it.
    ... the key characteristic to look for will be the reddish
    glow. ... Thus, the most distinguishing characteristic is the
    reddish appearance, fairly unique in the sky. Second, it
    moves, in accordance with our coordinates. Third, it will
    grow in size, while moving.
        ZetaTalk™: Periodic Passage

And as reported from around the world:

    I´m really sorry to say, (and I will not confirm this till I
    see it three nights in a row), but three of us tonight saw
    in a clear New Zealand night "an object" that was not
    there one, two even four weeks ago. The coordinates
    match the Zeta site predictions. I won´t say its "the"
    planet until I´m positive, but the two guys feel sure...
    No camera between us, just one person needed
    binoculars... So if this is it, then you´ll see it soon
    enough for yourselves... Just make sure your´re
    looking in the right area.. You can´t miss it from now...
         New Zealand

    I am located in a remote area near the Amazon called
    Roraima (north of Brazil). This area has the cleanest air in
    the world and the sky is pure dark and blue. I have checked
    the coordinates from ZetaTalk about Planet X, and for my
    surprise the position and accuracy supported by them is
    astonishing. The reddish star is visible naked eye in this
    region exactly below the Aldebaran star and some natives
    are calling this reddish object as (Hercolubus) telling its
    effect on the planet will be a cataclysm of unprecedented
    proportions. The object has a strange focus on my telescope
    glowing different lights as I try to zoom on it.

    The guy in Brazil is right. Here in Montevideu [Uruguary] we
    can see the red object too! It is barely visible under Aldebaran
    star and has a strange yellow cloud on it. I don`t know what is
    this thing along with the object. Looks like the object is
    morphing into another shape!

    Fantastic! Unbelievable! Hevenly! We see the same red
    object in Cordoba (Argentine) below the Aldebaran star!
    Man! This is Huge! And is already scaring my whole family
    here! Now I realize why we are at war!

    I got a chance to view it in Puerto Rico last Monday.
    Seen it through massive light pollution too. It was just the
    red dot.. but where it should have been. I was freaking
    out! I figured I'd be more calm about it.
        Puerto Rico

    Whenever the sky is clear I search for PX. I am limited by
    the time in which I can view Orion. One night I could see
    something red blinking. (Can´t be sure what I saw). Since
    then night skies have been cloudy.
          New England

    I mean is I was shocked / stunned when actually saw it,
    and certainly been pondering it now. For even though
    see it, the question winding it´s way through the neurons
    of my brain are...what´s next?

    Here in NE Louisiana it was visible (side of the eye) at 8 PM
    central time.

    Both Friday night and again Saturday night, I saw the Planet X
    complex with my binoc's 10 power. Could not sleep the rest of
    Friday Night. Note I was at my Farm in East Texas. For those
    who have been open minded about this I suggest you kick into
    high gear what ever plans you have in mind, because in about
    45 days you will been in serious need, of a life raft, or dome or
    whatever. This is REAL.

    I saw it 3 nights. Red. Very red fades in and out. It is
    awesome looking. Clouds here now though. I didnt
    need anything else [unaided eye].

    I can see it here in Oklahoma City, without a Telescope.
    I have a 10 inch telescope with a 25 mm Plossl
    eyepiece. Thats about 50 power and you can see
    reddish/brown dust trail.

    Notice the red flicker, in and out, then nothing, then a
    second or two, red sparkle. The red sparkle or flicker is
    distinctly RED and bright like a diamond catching the light.
    Best time to look is about 1 hour after sunset in the SW
    sky just above the horizon, once Orions Belt is visible.
          New Mexico

    Spotted exactly where predicted. The Orion belt orientation
    and SW sky (vantage point: Sacramento Mtn. NM) was quite
    precise. Naked eye verification, Binocs. only closer in but no
    more pronounced. Red flckering to the right, then to the north,
    then nothing... then flickering again, some yellow noticed on
    the opposite side of red on next visibility. I am both scared
    (temporary) and excited!
          New Mexico

    I can confirm a sighting of a red object as stated Sentinel
    Position Map. See at Is it
    PX I do not know. I had my wife who is up-to-date on the PX
    thing confirm. All she could say was "bummer". This was a
    plain view sighting at about 7:30 pm on 03/28/03 Put the
    binoculars on it and got a better view. This object is about to
    travel below the horizon in northern Cal and its raining. If it
    clears up I will make a trip to the beach And try to get the big
    scope on it. .. My telescope is a 10" F5 dobsonian so power
    and light are not an issue. Also used my binoculars 70mm
    11 x as a spotter.

    Wow! I'm blown away. I got a brief window tonight and got
    out a small pair of 12 x 60 binocs at work and there it was
    blinking in and out, red, in the spot where I could not make
    it out just last weekend. Can't wait to see it with my 6"

    Wow! I saw Planet X last night with all it's Moons and
    I am now very sick with fear. Maybe it will just pass
    through with no damage. I live in Everett WA.

    It was about 9:00 PM'ish when I looked up and there it
    was, all vividly red, for about 10 sec. What surprised me
    was how it went out. I thought would be consistent, but
    now understand that is the nature due to the infra red light.
    I looked about a week before and have since, but nothing
    like that night. And no, wasn´t an airplane and I don´t do

    Saw it last night, is now clearly red and fuzzy, right in Taurus
    like you said, at about 7 PM facing west, below Aldebaran.

    Cluster, been watching some time... diffuse, fuzzy as in
    nebula or galaxy... went from 10-13 items some fainter than
    others.... it is has now spread somewhat, not all items in a
    circle... last night cloudy... tonite will be good, but yes, as
    of 2 nights ago no red yet... Waiting for it to get closer to
    our sun, and start reflecting the suns light better... as it is
    fuzzy... What I gather, my guess of what I am seeing, is
    partly dust clouds/moons... not the Planet X itself... as very

    I´ve talked to about 30 people whove seen it. A lot of
    them are former skeptics, like on Captain Nibiru´s chat,
    he used to be critical of the zetas until he saw it 3 nights
    in a row, and even a skeptic of him has seen it and says
    its something new. Too many people have seen it
    multiple nights and checked every star map and can´t
    find it on any. There are now several independant pictures.

    Sightings with Unaided Eye,

Zetas RIGHT Again!