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Re: Planet X *IS* Real Folks

Wendall Ritter wrote in message <>
> First of all, the May 15th timeframe, and seeing the object with the
> naked eye 7 weeks before it's passage is only an *estimate*.
> May 15th is the EARLIEST time that PX may pass.  Nancy has clearly
> stated that it would be a roughly THREE month time frame, that the May
> 15th deadline was only the earliest possible passing, and that it was
> unlikely that the date would be that accurate.
> So we really still have to wait up until late summer, as Nancy's said.
ZT has more recently given a concrete date of no later than June 1.
> For the record, I'm making a joke.  Are ya'll fuming in your pants
> right now, ready to launch an assult?  Calm your horses.  I haven't
> believed in the possiblity since last year, and am now convinced it's
> an impossibility.
> Cut Nancy some slack tho (that's not to say I'm not frustrated with
> her myself).  To my knowledge, she made very little if any money off
> the stunt, and she may actually be somewhat ill.  If that's the case,
> everyone had their fun, and she needs to get well.  She's not
> accepting emails anymore, so obviously something's up.
> Possibly the greatest internet hoax of all time?  Lots of people
> listened!  And for those not atronomy-savvy, she made an interesting
> case.  Enough said.
Steve Havas