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Just a reminder to everyone who reads these posts that the
historically proven, rogue 10th Planet that has passed thru the
elliptic of Earth's orbit every 3652 years is approaching quickly. 
Your choices are simple: 
A)Check the area of the sky it's coming from(near Orion) each 
  day till your certain of what you see. Or, 
B)listen to the people who will attack this post with a vengence 
  and let them tell you what you should do. 
OK, once again, this time the short versions:  
A)Survive, or  
Watchout for yourself and think about your family and loved ones. 
Think about it for yourself and draw YOUR own conclusion. 
Don't let anyone take away your vision by following their suggestions.
Simply take the time, do some Google searches on Planet X and check out
where it's coming from.  This checking for yourself will not interrupt 
your daily schedule anymore than checking your e-mails. For the rest of 
the jerks who will respond like the festering idiots they resemble, 
take heed for your own safety, cause no one else will. Your desire to 
blind the people to what is headed this way, brands you as something I 
say isn't fit for a world that will soon re-create compassion and 
thoughtfulness towards others.  You are the selfish minions of 
something even more ugly. And to anyone who is just unknowingly jumping
on the bandwagon of the concerted effort of the pro-debunking thugs, 
think about what your actions are REALLY doing to others. Oh, I'm sorry, 
I didn't realize you were truly sincere and are only offering your opinion
to help others to not be deceived by the zetadrone cult beliefs. Your 
going along with the 'flow' of the skeptic asswipes who will post
negatively to this, isn't worth misdirecting someone's safety. 
Yes, It's PLANET X and it's real.