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Re: ZetaTalk and Spaceguard UK

Jonathan TATE <> wrote:
>> When your planets get perturbed, do they not resume their
>> original orbits and pace?
> No.  That's obvious.

    No?  Each time a planet is perturbed by Jupiter, it gets pulled
    further out?  We've recently had a situation where most of
    the planets lined up in a line, out from the Sun.  This means
    they were perturbed, not only by Jupiter, but by each other!
    Please DO point us to the new orbital parameters established
    for the NEW Earth orbit, the NEW Mar's orbit, etc. etc.  Give
    us a break!  They perturb, and return!  The perturbation is
    pre-computed into the orbits, and the orbits are KNOWN upon

Jonathan TATE <> wrote:
>> So include in your deflection calculations PUSHING the
>> asteroid far enough out of its path so that it would not
>> RESUME its original orbit.
> See above.
>> One does not simply re-direct an asteroid into a different
>> direction.  It is on its path because of gravity pulls as well
>> as mometum,
> Momentum is a function of mass and velocity, the latter
> being produced by a force - in this case, gravity.
>> and the momentum will RESUME when it pulls about to
>> approach its gravity pull, once again heading into the
>> direction it was in, originally.
> Only if another force is applied.  See above.

    Well let's take the Sun, for one.  The Asteroid Belt goes
    round and round the Sun, so the Sun's gravity, one would
    presume, is a factor.  A NEO is trash from the Asteroid Belt
    slung into a different orbit.  Are you presuming it no longer
    cares about the Sun, as a gravity influence?  You push it
    sideways, and it forgets about the Sun?  Are we being silly
    here or what?

Jonathan TATE <> wrote:
>> Mankind's deflection will be a momentary DELAY, not a
>> redirection.
> A "delay" can only be produced by applying a force in a
> direction opposite to the velocity.  There is, therefore, no reason
> why a similar force cannot be applied in a different direction
> adding a velocity vector at an angle to the original - a deflection.

    You're presuming there are no gravity pulls, not the Earth, not
    the Sun, just shoving about that is influencing this hunk of rock!
    It goes in an orbit, just because?  Asteroids orbit the Sun, but if
    you give it a shove, it will forget about that?  You cannot
    REMOVE these influences from that hunk of rock.  If you stand
    it dead still, it will listen to the largest gravity influence that
    it has at hand, most likely the EARTH.  This is real smart, here!
    Like kicking a grizzly bear in the leg and hoping it does not
    notice.  Now you've got it going in the wrong direction!  We
    will give you the benefit of the doubt here, that you do not mean
    to elminate the gravity attractions this hunk of rock listens to,
    only set it in a different direction around them.  How do you do
    THAT?  Ask the Sun to move?  Invite Mars over for tea?  Even
    if you create jets galore, you are only moving it TO THE SIDE,
    not changing its relative position to its gravity giants.  Over to
    you, Jonathan TATE.