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Re: Tholen Caught DOCTORING Hale-Bopp Images!

Article: <5fhji4$>
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Subject: Re: Tholen Caught DOCTORING Hale-Bopp Images!
Date: 4 Mar 1997 16:44:52 GMT

In article <5fg3gh$1cu@news.Hawaii.Edu> David Tholen writes:
>> Row [6], having the same area as Row [5], is dimmer BUT THE
> Of course; that's the way stretching works. Anything above a
> certain threshold setting is made "white". Once beyond that
> setting, the stars won't get any brighter.

How convenient, then, that the THREE STARS CLUSTERED WITH WHAT YOU'RE CALLING HALE-BOPP GET BRIGHT RIGHT ALONG WITH HALE-BOPP, but ALL the other myriad stars in the image DO NOT!!!!! In fact, the cluster including the Hale-Bopp thingie has a life of its own, almost as though it were separate from the rest of the image! Folks, I'm not talking about a slight brightening here, the central cluster around what is termed Hale-Bopp becomes umpteen times brighter than ANY of the surrounding stars, of which there are 20 or more. I'll count the pixtels to dramatize this.

  Dim Stars Bright Stars HB Thingie HB Cluster Stars
ROW 5 7, 4, 4 7, 4, 3 15 13, 14, 12 pixtels
ROW 6 7, 4, 4 6, 3, 3 9 4, 6, 3 pixtels
ROW 7 4, 3, 4 3, 2, 1 4 1, 2, 0 pixtels

Now by normal stars I'm talking about THE WHOLE SURROUNDING FRAME - 43 or so stars, compared to 3 stars clustered with the Hale-Bopp thingie. And how does this stretch work, David, when many of the surrounding stars were as dim as the the Hale-Bopp cluster but didn't participate in the stretch! Its almost like you've got a couple SEPARATE stretches here, David, at least that's what it looks like.