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ZetaTalk: High Tech
Note: written Jan 15, 2001

Survivors will find that they have a mix of experiences. This will range from people being plunged into what is essentially a Third World existence - straw and mud, eating what you can catch and kill, and hoping to cook it well enough not to get ill - to being very high tech in communities that are established with enough money and expertise and skill to have banks of batteries, radios and antennas, windmills and generators driven by gasoline or something that can be burned, and food stocks. So there will be a wide range of survival communities shortly after the shift. However, this will change over time. Those communities that find themselves scratching in the dirt and living a most primitive life may find, if they are spiritually of the right nature, being Service-to-Other, that they encounter people who are odd looking - seem to be bald and not wish to linger and have a conversation, but drop things off. What’s this? It appears to be a battery. What’s that? It appears to be a sack of food or seed. One thing leads to the next, and after awhile these mute, bald neighbors will be interacting regularly and these human survivors will find they are living a very high tech existence with remarkable neighbors. They will accept this because desperation fosters acceptance of solutions.

The high tech communities of humans, who in many cases will be enclaves of the rich, who have used their wealth and power to carve out an area whose perimeter they can protect with the military which will become mercenaries to the rich in such situations, will find they do not get this type of assistance. What happens in these communities, then, when the stores run out, when there’s no more fuel to run the generator, when there’s no more bags of food and canned goods to feed the community? Arguments break out. The mercenaries are hardly going to take orders from the idle rich when they have no power or authority and can’t supply them with money or goods or anything of value. These pampered rich people will be slaughtered, and sometimes in unpleasant ways, by their angry mercenaries, who in many cases have thug tendencies and enjoy cruel games. So now we have gangs, chewing down everything they can get their hands on and then going on the loose after there is nothing more to eat. These types of people are not prone to plan and work with each other, so growing crops and gardens and the like is the least of their thoughts, but looting is. But when they go on the loose, they will in fact be turned away from enclaves of good hearted people, in the many ways we are able to deflect knowledge and attention. We can be in the room with you, and you don’t see us. Likewise, a gang of thugs can pass by a good-hearted survival community and not see it, because we have prevented them from seeing it. So these gangs of thugs will die out, and the enclaves of the wealthy will become true hell-holes, something they don’t anticipate.

Survival communities of good-hearted folk will become high tech, due to interactions with aliens who have a technology many thousands of times superior to the technology that your human cultures now enjoy. But it will not be the technology of Homo Sapiens today. It will be better than that.

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