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ZetaTalk: Banned Message
Note: written Jul 15, 2000. Planet X and the 12th Planet are one and the same.

The simple message of ZetaTalk - that the Earth indeed has visitors from other worlds, that cover-ups of this fact and the desire of some in the US Military to gain their technology, that the Earth periodically undergoes cataclysms during the passage of the 12th Planet and certain elite in power positions are aware of the next pending passage in 2003 [Note: see 2003 Date explanation] - has not been considered a threat up until and even past the millennium. The reason for this was also simple - ZetaTalk contained no truth, or made no statements, that could be verified. Predictions were made, about weather changes and crop failures and earthquake trends, and matters were veering in this direction, but still the weight of ridicule vs. substantiation was on the side of those who would keep the public unaware and placid until the last days before the pole shift. This weight has recently, in mid-2000, shifted to substantiation of ZetaTalk, thus making it for the first time a threat, rather than a worry.

What substantiation has occurred, by mid-2000? As has been carefully documented by our emissary, Nancy, in her ZetaTalk What’s New pages and on the Troubled Times pages by her fans, ZetaTalk has been highly accurate in predicting:

ZetaTalk is due to come under increased attention, due to the accuracy of these predictions. Questions will be raised to those in power, who are ill prepared to answer them honestly. In those countries where the flow of information is tightly controlled, the media well in hand and the populace used to having their lives controlled on many fronts, the reaction will be suppression of the message. In those countries where there has been a decision to allow the ZetaTalk message, and its accompanying Troubled Times information, to receive additional attention, there will be no change, as all preparations for the increased attention have preceded the arrival of ZetaTalk prediction substantiation. The reaction of the public has been gauged, measured, and the answers to be given to the public well rehearsed - a clever call, a remarkable woman tapping many great minds with her psychic ability, predictable from the trends, luck, or whatever. Ridicule is not anticipated, as those in power in these countries, who control the media and have agents everywhere ready to weigh in on any Internet discussions, have determined that the populace is best prepared by hearing the message of ZetaTalk and the simple solutions that have been so thoroughly documented on troubled Times.

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