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ZetaTalk: More Honesty

Dated March 23, 2000
There has been a great deal of wrestling around during the past year in pointing to Orion where Planet X was reputed to be coming from. The Planet X discussion, in fact, re-emerged from Britain in spite of the discounting that NASA and JPL have done for more than a decade, for some 15-20 years - “It didn’t exist, was never found, was all a mistake”. Suddenly astronomers are discussing whether Nibiru or Planet X or such a thing is inbound and might exist. How was that discussion allowed to emerge? Because it is an alternative explanation for the changes that are occurring and something that the intelligent and informed public could grip and adjust to and thus not completely stop their continued support of the government. In the main it is the educated individuals in industrial countries that politicians rely upon. Where they need the voting support of those who are kept dumb and down on the farm, the educated elite are the ones who can create almost a counter-coup in the media or though communication sources and create a sway that is feared. So more honesty can be expected.

Look what has happened over the past year regarding the alien presence. France has come out and stated that it has determined that the US government has been in contact with aliens and has denied this. The vast proportion of Americans in polls state that they believe that aliens exist. This is running away. The populace of the world in general feels that aliens are real and not to be feared and any statements to the opposite are absurd. So the governments of the world have been banding together on this matter. Leaks have occurred. Semi-truths such as Corso’s Roswell have come out. More and more the public sees aliens in advertisements and movies such that it has become so commonplace that the public almost feels they are having them at the dinner table. Likewise with the cataclysmic changes that are occurring, where the magnetism in the core of the Earth is diminished so that it is almost common knowledge to the public. Whales and dolphins are beaching themselves and birds that use magnetism are totally confused and even planes can no longer rely on their compasses. These kinds of geological changes have become evident. Announcements as to the reason for such changes will be made if only in subtle degrees.

Governments fear riots and coups and having the intelligentsia turn against them. They fear becoming irrelevant. And therefore they will release information to the degree that they must in order to remain relevant.

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