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ZetaTalk: Nervous Establishment

Dated March 23, 2000
It is becoming increasingly apparent that blaming the sun or blaming global warming as distractions and disinformation to confuse the populace as to the changes that the Earth is undergoing is not going to last much longer. It may be that odd weather can be explained away, or an occasional satellite malfunction can be explained away, but when it gets 20 times worse for the next 3 years running, exponential increases to some extent, how it this going to be explained? The government is going to be wrong, and people are going to begin to discount the government. Therefore, a more honest statement about certain factors is the only thing that is going to keep some governments holding the confidence of the populace. In shrill backroom arguments, statements are made that unless a government is more honest about these factors that people are just going to discount the government and listen to it at all, and then it’s an unpredictable sea of chaos and change.

Those who go into government service and the military are not that dissimilar from those who go into religious institutions because they want to be in control and want consistency and sameness and absolute security. They fear, to almost an irrational degree, the chaos and unpredictability that can occur if the public loses confidence and then leaves the church or loses confidence in the government. This is almost akin to throwing oneself into the nethers and not knowing what’s to come. At all costs, they deem this a situation that needs to be prevented. Things are at the point where they feel they need to give the public more straight answers in order to retain the confidence of the populace. Predictions need to be more well grounded. There needs to be more honesty about what the world is facing. In order to remain in control in a leadership position, one must lead and not always try to blind those who are to follow.

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