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ZetaTalk: Death Rate
Note: written Jan 15, 2000.

Many humans are alive today only because of modern crop growing techniques, where a very few large farms can feed many in the cities. It was not that way 100 years ago, nor was it the case that humans with genetic faults would live. If they got diabetes, for example, they died. Pneumonia took people out in a wink, and now itís cured with antibiotics. The Earth will return to those times when there were no antibiotics, where people who need special medication simply donít receive it, and they will die. This is not a horror, this is simply a return to life as it existed 100 years ago.

Death is not the end for those souls that are reincarnating, and death does not need to be painful or a source of anxiety if it is accepted and those around are supportive. It can be a time of anguish if everyone is fighting this reality. In days of yore, the reality was not fought. It was a time of acceptance, and grief. So prepare those who will die for death, if itís inevitable or appears to be inevitable. Life will be hard enough for those who are genetically blessed, who are in good health, who are in a safe area where a reasonable food supply can be grown. The times will be terribly harsh. People will lose their teeth, they will have broken bones that are poorly set, and it will not be a time when life is a joy and carefree. Itís a time for spiritual growth, a transitional time. Look upon it in that manner, as then you can embrace some of the good aspects of the times, and not just the horrors.

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