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ZetaTalk: Cleanup
Note: written Dec 15, 1999. Planet X and the 12th Planet are one and the same.

We, the Zetas, destroyed our 3rd Density world through biological warfare which got out of control and therefore as 3rd Density entities we went underground because the surface was swarming with germs that would rapidly kill us off. One of your science fiction movies, the worst horror, with which you entertain yourselves, was a reality for us. We lived underground in protected environments that were sterilized and we had sealed doorways. On occasion we would send forth a genetically engineered volunteer who would attempt to live on the surface and either make it for awhile or not make it at all, as who wants to live in a cave where they can't see the stars or listen to the breeze. What happened when our world moved to 4th Density? As we have detailed, when the Earth moves to 4th Density we will be leaving behind tapeworms and mosquitoes and many pests that are simply parasitic and have no place in a normal life cycle of any other creature. Not only are they a pest for mankind and the new hybrids, they are also an unnecessary pest affecting the quality of life for less intelligent lifeforms - birds and mammals and the like who suffer needlessly because of these pests.

So if we can do this, can we straighten out polution? Yes. This is in the main done even before the transformation to 4th Density. We are already affecting the planet Earth, as we are resident on Earth and intended to be future residents, ourselves and our hybrids are counted in decisions on whether we can affect our future home. This is not a black and white matter where mankind has complete control and can run the Earth into a sewer and we have to stand back and agonize. This is a complicated calculation. There are some areas where we can step in, where we are not going past the element of doubt and can influence the setting in which mankind is deliberating his orientation choice. We can certainly after the cataclysms go into a cess pool of chemicals where there may have been a chemical plant, and with just a dab here and there change the chemical nature of that volatile soup to be something benign rather than destructive.

Likewise, we can affect nuclear explosions and nuclear messes. We can leave behind radioactive material, and take only that which is not. This of course leaves the 3rd Density world left behind a rather unpleasant place, but the 3rd Density world is not intended to be a world that supports life. We can also simply alter radioactivity. Man tends to think of this as something that takes thousands, perhaps millions of years in half life spans to affect radioactivity, but what causes radioactivity is the structure of the atom and the nucleus, and this can be altered by chemistry just as the nature of hydrogen and oxygen forming water is an alteration. All atoms are affected by what they come in contact with. None stand alone. All of them are affected. Can we stop nuclear explosions? Can we do so today? Yes and no, depending upon whether this is interfering with orientation decisions of the 3rd Density humans on Earth. This is why we have made the statement that man would be allowed to destroy his world in a nuclear war, but likewise we can interfere with other steps that are being taken and can influence the state of the world. Basically, we can't interfere with the lesson, and where the lesson won't be interfered with we have the right to do so as future residents.

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