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ZetaTalk: Best Case
Note: written Nov 15, 1999.

Best case predictions are usually based on a wish that mankind will rise to the challenge that the coming pole shift presents, putting aside petty preoccupation. The opposite usually occurs, as during times of increasing difficulties all but those individuals with a strong sense of service toward others look inward to their own needs when feeling anxious. Best case predictions are also based on the assumption that the means exists to rescue mankind, that governments or wealthy benefactors are holding back and could and would do more if the circumstances were extreme. Are not starving children and the spread of disease a calamity, today, and just as worthy of such gestures?

The much publicized rescue operations portrayed in the media after natural disasters are conducted as a reassurance as much as a rescue, to placate the working man and to meet agreements on mutual support between countries. Would the working man pay taxes and abide by laws if his life was treated with such disdain? When matters become so grim that rescue is no longer possible, the reaction will be less publicity, so that the failure of governments and private philanthropy is not exposed. As with individuals, during times of increasing difficulties governments and philanthropic organizations focus inward, concerned with their own survival. Thus, social services will be less accessible and responsive, the doors shut and the phones unanswered.

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