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ZetaTalk: Unsure
Note: written Jan 15, 1999.

Any role that any human has is self chosen, not assigned. Thus, any contactee feeling uncertain about a role they might have chosen during the Transformation, has not decided what to do. This information is within them. Many humans are undecided or unsure, not because the role has not been assigned to them or the opportunity not been made available, but because they themselves are uncertain as to whether or not they wish to step into a certain role. Vacillation.

Many roles during this forthcoming time, as anyone who seriously thinks about it knows, represents hardship, argument, hostility thrown their way, changes in a lifestyle, and this is not easily contemplated. Individuals frequently decide to do something, and then they start thinking of the consequences and vacillate. So if it is unclear, it’s because they have not firmly decided to do what they think they ought to do. If humans wants clarity, they should think seriously about what their roles might be, about what they may have decided to do, about what the blockades are, the repercussions, and consider this to be a conversation with themselves. Of course, if they are wishing to discuss these matters, they have given The Call and it will be answered. But nevertheless, this is their decision, and within their power to arrive at an answer.

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