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ZetaTalk: In Attendance
Note: written Nov 15, 1998.

How many aliens are visiting Earth at this time? Almost too many to count. In this we are speaking of course of our brethren, as well as ourselves. On a ration of one visitor to one human on Earth, we are perhaps present in the environment, in one form or another, at close to a two to one ration. Where are we then, if we are almost twice as many as you? Many visitors are disincarnate, acting in spirit form, and cannot be seen by you. Of the others, who are in physical form, there are literally tens of thousands of different physical forms species in attendance at Earth at this time. They are simply not in 3rd Density, but escape to higher densities where they cannot be seen by humans.

Of the many different species in attendance on earth, only perhaps a couple dozen actually interact with humans. In order for visitations to occur between species, there must be DNA compatibility. The DNA must be complementary so that what humans would call telepathic rays are emanating and can be received. Were it not for this compatibility, the visitors and their human contacts would have to have translations. If translation is being done, then it defeats the purpose. Why not simply have the translator make the contact? Thus most species in attendance do other functions. An example is crop circles, which are laid down by species which are water babies, from planets covered with a liquid, and their space ships are of course filled with this liquid. But there is more that separates these visitors from direct communication with humans than that. Some of the visitors that do communicate with humans are also water babies, but can connect, brain wave to brain wave. Thus, it’s a special slot that only certain visitors can fill.

Nevertheless, many contactees will describe the bizarre appearance of their visitors or the fact that the physical appearance of their visitors was hidden from them for some reason. This is done for good reason, as the visitors want to get to the crux of the meeting, to the issues, and not to upset the humans they are trying to communicate with unduly. Thus, on occasion, something the contactee would equate to an aquatic octopus may be draped with a sheet, so all the contactee sees is a hint of a tentacle now and then. In this the contactee sticks to the issues rather than deal with shock.

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