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ZetaTalk: Societal Disruption
Note: written Oct 15, 1998.

Many humans, when observing rapid changes in the weather or in satellite reception are concerned that the coming cataclysms will likewise produce rapid societal disruption well before the week of the pole shift. They worry about how to anticipate these changes, not only the ones ensuing from nature but also from a more unpredictable source - human society. Will the banks collapse? Will the grocery shelves be bare? Will the militia march down the streets of their peaceful neighborhood? What should they be braced for? Where we can predict conditions in nature, those rooted in human society such as potential violence or potential peaceful enclaves, we cannot predict. These are in the hands of man.

However, there is unlikely to be violent, rapid changes until it is close to the time when it will be quite clear to all of mankind that their world, as they know it, is not going to continue beyond the next few weeks or months. Humankind, wishes to believe that the future will be as the past has been - predictable, Sun rising, crops drawn in, occasional floods, occasional droughts, unpredictable health problems such as cancer and heart attack, babies being born, and the renewal of life. They cling to this. Until it is absolutely clear that this will not continue, human society will not collapse. They will cling to the belief that this will continue because the heart wants to believe this.

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