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ZetaTalk: Direct Line
Note: written Jul 15, 1997.

Frustrated with the need to decipher channeled work or go through intermediaries, many pressing forward with their personal Awakening are puzzled as to why a direct line cannot be established. Why the need for channels or telepaths. Wouldn’t a direct question and answer connection work more effectively? The answer is that this would not be more effective, nor would it even be possible. Humans who want direct contact with aliens are getting that, regularly, as a result of their having given The Call. They are often only vaguely aware of the result, consciously, and thus long for something akin to what the channel seems to have - a direct line.

True channels, and these are in the minority of those claiming to channel, have rare qualities not found in most humans. They are almost to a one of the highest integrity, dedicated to a high level of Service to Others. They have rare physical capabilities that stem from having been born in the right genetic line, and often from having been tinkered with a bit upon their request. A channel is allowing another entity to enter the body for the moment, and use the body and mental pathways of the channel as an instrument. This is not a direct line, this is a temporary takeover! Those contactees who feel they are in telepathic contact with their visitors are only recalling a recent visit, the content playing out in their mind like a conversation, step by step.

Thus, until aliens can be face to face with humans, which will most certainly occur within the lifetime of many in the readership, there cannot be a direct line for most.

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