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ZetaTalk: Future Pole Shifts
Note: written Feb 15, 1997. Planet X and the 12th Planet are one and the same.

As we have explained, the 12th Planet won't move to 4th Density when the Earth moves, as the hominoids on that planet are not due for a Transformation until sometime in the future. The Earth is in her transformative period, although the actual switch to physical 4th Density will not occur for some decades. But what will occur when the 12th Planet hominoids are ready to be harvested? Will their planet move to a physical 4th Density, and will this not reinstate the periodic pole shifts that the Earth experiences today? This would indeed be the case if the 12th Planet were planned to be moved, but not all life bearing planets become a home for entities in a 4th Density spiritual existence. Some remain permanently a home for 3rd Density entities, forming entities in the first step in spiritual life.

Harvests occur periodically on 3rd Density worlds, and occur without a Transformation. A Transformation only happens when the physical world is destined to become a home for entities living in physical 4th Density. A Transformation thus encompasses a vote of the current native entities, those who formed on that planet, as to their orientation. Once the vote has been taken, as it was in the case of the Earth just prior to the mid-century point some 50 years ago, then the orientation of the future 4th Density planet is established. In the case of the Earth, as we have explained, this future orientation was determined to be Service-to-Other. As a result of the vote, incarnations onto the transforming world are in accordance with the future orientation. For the Earth, this means that Service-to-Other entities are reincarnating at the present time.

A harvest on a 3rd Density world results in mature Service-to-Other and Service-to-Self entities being removed, upon the physical death of the life form their current incarnation occurred in, to another world, a 4th Density world both spiritually and physically. Thus, the future Earth will be the recipient of many entities from other worlds who have matured to the point of being 50/50 concerned for others as much as concerned for self. These entities will incarnate into the hybrid life form we are producing. Some of these entities could conceivably be from the 12th Planet, former giant hominoids from the planet that ravaged the Earth periodically during its passage through the Solar System. The 12th Planet will continue as a 3rd Density existence planet, forming entities in the giant hominoids who were seeded to be native to that planet.

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