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ZetaTalk: Buckminster Fuller

Note: written Dec 15, 1996.

Few men have made as much impact with a simple design as Bucky Fuller, who espoused and popularized the Geodesic Dome - the Bucky Ball. This design allows one to build massive domes in tiny steps, so they can rise from the edges, pushed from the ground up as row upon row of triangles are fitted into place. Large or small domes can be constructed using the same simple construction techniques. Bucky Fuller's gift to mankind came at the time it did due to the coming cataclysms, where mankind will dearly need spacious enclosed places to escape the gloom and drizzle that will be the daily weather for decades. Domes do not by their nature appeal to man, who goes indoors only to escape inclement weather and even then wishes to look out upon the world. Bucky's gift has been popularized by his personality as much as by their shape, so the Geodesic Dome is broadly known throughout the world. Thus, when the time comes, this simple design will be called upon to help the survivors of the coming cataclysms make cheerful and roomy enclaves.

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