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ZetaTalk: Breakaway Consternation
Note: written Dec 15, 1996.

During the Transformation, gradual polarization of the two spiritual orientations occurs, so that Service-to-Other groups emerge and grow in numbers while Service-to-Self groups harden and become more intense in their power trips. The Service-to-Others groups are increasingly operating in the 4th Density spiritual mode, working together in a highly cooperative mode that requires few rules, and when isolated from those in the Service-to-Self enjoy increased productivity and freedom from slavish obedience to often irrelevant policies and procedures. However, when the polarizing groups encounter each other the freewheeling activity in the Service-to-Others groups causes consternation in those firmly in the Service-to-Self orientation - breakaway consternation.

Those strongly in the Service-to-Self have often learned to use the rules of society to their advantage, from robbing others through the stock and bond markets to riding on the backs of hard working individuals whose ideas and work products are taken by the Service-to-Self with as little credit or financial return to the workers as possible. Their maneuvers are clothed in laws and religious strictures, and without all these rules that the state and church enforce, their power trips would be curtailed. Thus, when they see Service-to-Others groups operating without these rules, they become nervous. Might this trend continue? What kind of a life does this foretell for the Service-to-Self individual who has no intention of doing their fair share or letting those they think of as their virtual slaves escape?

Those in the Service-to-Self will attempt to bring the emerging Service-to-Others groups under their control, and failing to do so will tighten their grip on those already under their control. Their breakaway consternation manifests in intrusive checking on the plans of those under their thumb and vicious attacks when they find simple cooperation replacing slavish obedience to rules. They feel the grip they have loosening and slipping, and this makes them frantic. How dare the Service-to-Others breakaway!

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