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ZetaTalk: The Lift

Note: written Oct 15, 1996.

What has been interpreted by Christian fundamentalists as the rapture and by some New Agers as salvation at the hands of their space brothers is what we have described as the lift, a temporary removal of those humans staunchly in the Service-to-Others orientation from the effects of the cataclysms. Hearing in this prophecy or that of this offer to be made to those in the Service-to-Others, the message quickly got skewed to include the listener. If the message was heard by a Christian fundamentalist while reading the Bible, then those to be saved during Armageddon were Christians. If the message was heard by humanitarian New Agers reading and interpreting ancient prophecies, then clearly this rescue at the dawn of a new age was the rescue of all of mankind by the wisdom and intervention of friendly aliens. At no time was the listener left behind. What in fact is to happen during the most terrible hour of that most terrible day?

Those staunchly in the Service-to-Other orientation are increasingly becoming contactees, whether aware of that status or not. The Transformation is more and more in the minds of those in the Service-to-Others, and thus the mass consciousness of those who think along like lines informs those humans who are not contactees of what the others are experiencing. It is a wake-up call. Thus alerted to momentous changes ahead, The Call is given and yet another Service-to-Other human has become a contactee. There is much confusion about the Lift, its purpose and execution. This is greatly mixed up, in human minds, with the parental image, someone taking care of them. This is likewise mixed up, in human minds, with the general government assurance that they will take care of you. For instance, if the government comes to lift you, via helicopter, from the flood plains, then they don't drop you back into the mess, they take you to a safe place where you get soup and blankets. The Lift is not intended to take a Service-to-Other person to safety, it is intended to prevent them from dying, as they wish to continue their incarnation and do work toward the good in the Aftertime. As conscious encounters with aliens will occur only as the general populace in an area is ready for this, en mass, giving someone the Lift is not to give them a solid clue that aliens exist!

  1. the rules that an Element of Doubt must exist, until the person and his associates are ready for full conscious encounters, must be adhered to.
  2. the rule of Non Interference, beyond simply saving the Service-to-Other person from destruction so they can continue their incarnation, must be adhered to.

Thus, we do not rescue humans, we simply permit their incarnation to continue. The lift will be facilitated by what the Bible refers to as the mark of God, what the Oasphe referred to as a mark in the forehead, and what contactee support groups commonly refer to as an implant. Implants are simply locating devices that help visitors and their contactees come into contact quickly. The contactee may give mental directions, but there is nothing like a homing device to make contact fast. During the cataclysms, when the Earth's crust has shifted and stopped, a great many humans will need to be located and lifted, simultaneously. As we have stated, most in the Service-to-Others have declined this offer so as to be with their loved ones during the time of greatest need. But likewise, many have determined they can best serve by being whole to help pick up the pieces. A busy time, when implants long used to bring visitor and contactee together will be used as emergency devices.

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