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ZetaTalk: Green Movement
Note: written Sep 15, 1996.

One of the trends that will become increasingly evident as the Transformation proceeds is what is termed the Green Movement, ecology minded groups or individuals that espouse and take action to increase and preserve the Earth's forests and wetlands. Our concern for the environment has been steadfast during the entire history of our visitation. Those humans who love the environment and see it as a treasure to be passed forward, have given The Call to those of like mind like ourselves, and we indeed visit and plot a course as to how that individual human can make a difference.

Man is rapacious. Were the Transformation not around the corner so this would run its course, you would find a terribly decimated and devastated world. It would not be completely unable to sustain life, but you would live with much grief over what you had destroyed and destroyed permanently. Raping the Earth is not occurring because multinational corporate leaders are aware of the coming cataclysms and are trying to get what they can while they have time. Primarily this activity is progressing because of a press of population, not because of a knowledge that a pole shift is around the corner. If one looks back in human history, there was such rape of land occurring at other times. Why is the Yellow River in China so clogged with silt? Where did those trees go? Where did the vegetation go? There was poor treatment of the environment in the past, also.

Preserves are not only important for the world today, they are vital for the Earth of the future. Without a strong stock of fauna and flora, in a lattice of preserves that allow seeds and creatures to flow from one preserve to another, many species will become extinct before their name can ever be uttered in a courtroom. It is not enough to have a single preserve, as disease or inbreeding can destroy a species therein. A connecting network of preserves is required, in close enough proximity that seeds blowing in the wind or transported by carrier creatures can reach another preserve, and close enough that creatures can move across land or along waterways to reach another preserve.

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