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ZetaTalk: Who to Believe
Note: written Aug 15, 1996.

We have explained that many channels are false, claiming to channel either for personal glory and attention or to deliberately disinform, and that true channels often speak poetically in metaphors and analogies or become so fascinated with a concept that they give it undue emphasis. We have also explained that many prophecies become misinterpreted messages due to the ear of the listener wishing to hear what they want to believe. Thus, the brief rescue that those firmly in the Service-to-Other orientation have been offered during the worst moments of the pole shift has been interpreted as the Ascension by Christians. We have also explained that the exact year of the pole shift is erroneously reported by many true channels, either because the human channel wants to deny what is in their future or because the aliens themselves are reluctant to give humans such terrifying news when there is little that most can do about it, and where dates have been reported in antiquity the measures by which the prophecy can be determined as a present date are not accurate.

Thus, humans receive many conflicting messages. Who to believe?

This situation of mixed or conflicting messages is certainly not new to humans, who deal with such elements in every aspect of their lives. Lovers say the three little words - I love you - but may be speaking of sexual desire or the need for affiliation or protection. Political promises are rife with conflicting statements, to say nothing of false intent. Both employer and employee misstate their qualifications and ability to deliver, the employer promising an exciting and educational environment and the prospective employee claiming competence to do the job. Product advertisement is so overstated that whole sections of the government are tasked with being watchdogs of such behavior. Criminal and civil prosecution find both sides giving conflicting claims of guilt or innocence and following up these claims with elaborate explanations and evidence. So why is it that humans expect to find absolute precision and truthfulness regarding the millennium prophecies and channeled claims?

As with all of life, you must think for yourself and make your own determinations.

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