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ZetaTalk: Hindu Yugas
Note: written Jul 15, 1996.

Where the current Earth Transformation will encompass the entire population and even the physical density of the majority of the Earth and its Sun, there have been partial harvests in the past. These harvests involved parsing out mature entities to either the Service-to-Self or Service-to-Other orientation, while leaving the vast majority behind to continue their orientation deliberations in their 3rd Density setting. These harvests occur in what could be termed cyclical periods, predetermined time frames, due to the work load involved in doing the evaluation and arranging the transfer. Individual harvests also occur, if the individual has given The Call on this matter and is ready for harvest. The Hindus, in touch with matters spiritual, are aware of these periodic harvests just as they are cognizant of reincarnation and lessons that span lifetimes.

As the majority of transfers in any harvest are entities who have determined to be in Service-to-Others, those remaining behind are the worse off for their transfer. Thus, the Hindus see the Yugas as cycles leading to increasing degradation. The balance is maintained, however, as the disruptive influence of those strongly in the Service-to-Self has also been removed. After a harvest, things seem more placid all around, the clashes between entities attempting domination and entities fighting for freedom leaving the scene temporarily. The Hindus are also confused about the significance of events, mixing in the start of certain preparations for the Transformation, for instance, with the regular activity of harvests. The Hindus had scant knowledge of the harvest dates, and scant understanding of the harvest cycle outcome, ascribing an eventual destruction to those entities not having made their orientation determination at a certain point in time. No such destruction of 3rd Density entities occurs, no matter how long they delay.

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