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ZetaTalk: Incarnated Helpers
Note: written May 15, 1996.

Where most aliens who have come to assist with the Transformation are either incarnated as an alien life form or disincarnate and in light form, a small number plunge right into the swamp by incarnating as humans, as babes in arms. For some, who have never incarnated in a hominoid or land based life form, there is considerable adjustment. Inevitably, entities who have been operating at higher densities in the Service-to-Other orientation find it distressing to return to the rough and tumble of 3rd Density existence, where they can no longer count on those around them to be trustworthy teammates. Returning to 3rd Density is akin to living and breathing murky water, where before you stood on the hill top with a broad view and fresh breezes. It is a sacrifice done out of love and concern for the struggling young entities that are emerging from the new world. However, the rewards can be significant.

Incarnated helpers are most often not placed in positions of leadership, but rather as the second in command or counsel to those in leadership. The Earth and its progress are in the hands of terran born entities, who are to be the leaders, and the assistance they receive from incarnated helpers is not pressed on this terran born leadership, but is there if requested. As the Earth is to be our future home, many Zetan entities leave the comfort of 4th Density to incarnate into human form going into the Transformation, and don't shirk from being placed in locales or cultures where the going will be rough. It is the end result that counts, and this is what is born in mind, as the discomforts of a single lifetime are but a moment in time.

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