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ZetaTalk: Massing Troops
Note: written May 15, 1996.

Humans assume, in any field of battle, that all else being equal the side with the larger army wins. For most of human history wars were won because one general had more troops to send into battle or hack and stab and bludgeon the other side. Whoever had men left standing when the dust settled - won. This concept gradually moved, during the last few centuries, to the concept of superior firepower. Whoever had bullets and guns left when the dust settled - won. But regardless of what was being counted, in human warfare, numbers mattered. Numbers are not as important in 4th Density as they are in 3rd Density, as the battle is not won or lost on the number of soldiers in the field but on the motivation and intensity of devotion to the cause that the sum of the numbers brings. Is it not true that a single individual can stand against many and turn the tide? Look at Mahatma Gandhi, or Joan of Arc, or Abraham Lincoln. Were they many? Take these individuals away and the battle might have had a different outcome.

Just so, during the Earth's Transformation, the influence that any alien group or single alien entity may have cannot be measured in numbers. The issues are different, spiritual rather than physical. Which way the Earth goes will not be decided based on muscles or bullets or even who may or may not be left standing. All may die but still win, or all may live but still lose. The battle on Earth during the Transformation is for the focus, the orientation, of each formed entity. In this a single wise and massive entity in the Service-to-Others may, disincarnate, literally influence millions. Likewise, a thousand entities in the Service-to-Self, doing their best to sway a single human soul, may fail utterly. Numbers mean nothing.

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