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ZetaTalk: Transformation Activities
Note: written Feb 15, 1996.

Humans are aware that their Earth is being visited by great numbers of aliens at this time, as the Earth's Transformation is now. What are all these aliens doing, and who is doing what? Alien visitors are doing more than answering The Call and conducting a genetic engineering project, they are assisting humans operating spiritually in the Service-to-Other orientation with their Transformation activities. The Earth's future is in the hands of humans, at the present moment, and nothing can be accomplished unless it is done by human hands, a result of a human giving The Call, or due to one human stepping aside or giving permission to another human so that an activity may occur. With that in mind, what are these activities.

What humans presume to be the process of change, based on their observations of human society, is not at all what is taking place. In human society, change comes primarily in a top-down manner, from edicts or laws, and secondarily when outside influences that are discernible such as weather changes or pronouncements or war or the ravages of disease force change. The changes being wrought by human hands during the Earth's Transformation are neither edicts or discernible by all - they are covert and the result of cooperation among humans. When seemingly quiet revolutions take place in human society, they in fact prove to be edicts upon close examination - the general in the hills, directing terrorist activities against an establishment he wishes to topple; the ringleader in a group, inciting the others to acts that are laid out for the underlings, as assignments.

The quiet revolution that is the Transformation is different, as there is no single leader or set of ringleaders, no assignments or edicts, but rather each human operating in the Service-to-Other orientation choosing his or her role, and acting under their own volition.

These activities can constitute something as minor as the reporting of news, being more truthful, or the coordination of efforts, where the needs of one are met by the offer of another. On occasion an effort is heroic, the sacrifice of a life to draw attention to an injustice, or the quiet gift of hard earned savings or one's time to a cause not personally rewarding. Increasingly, Transformation activities involve more than one, a group of humans who have found each other, often due to requested assistance from aliens. Where should I look, where should I go, whom might I meet there and how might introductions be started - the contactee might ask. As they have given The Call, we of the Service-to-Other orientation assist, giving information and even arranging behind the scenes introductions during group visitations, so that later those who wish to meet each other will not feel themselves to be strangers.

These activities are on the increase among humans, and consequently for those aliens in the Service-to- Other there is scarcely a spare moment. All Service-to-Other aliens visiting Earth at this time, no matter what type of life form, are enlisted in these activities. Thus, contactees may find themselves conferring with each other during visitations, with an intelligent species akin to an octopus or a hedgehog coordinating the activities. However, whenever possible fact-to-face encounters with humans are done by other hominoids, to minimize any adjustments the dedicated humans will have to make.

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