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ZetaTalk: Ascension
Note: written Jan 15, 1996.

Learning of the Transformation, humans almost invariably put their own spin on it. Those humans who are operating solidly in the Service-to-Other orientation will be given the option to be lifted to safety, briefly, during the coming pole shift. This has long been imparted to mankind, as almost all 3rd Density worlds have voted to become Service-to-Other during their Transformation, and this temporary lift is simply a means of transporting them into their future home, the Earth. This message has been twisted, for comfort and gain. In particular, the Christian religion has used the concept of an ascension to encourage obedience in the flock and support of the religious elite. Follow the rules and you will be saved. There is no group or religion that is scheduled for ascension, no ritual or bartering that will improve one's chances, no practice or lifestyle that will pave the way - there is only the quiet decision, reflected in genuine action, on one's orientation to be Service-to-Other. This decision cannot be faked or taught or expedited by dogma. It involves the individual, solely.

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