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ZetaTalk: Einstein
Note: written Dec 15, 1995.

When Einstein explained his primary theory of relativity, E=MC squared, he was not anticipating that this would be of any practical use to man nor help explain to the average person why their world worked as it did. He did not give his theories to mankind in anticipation of general acceptance, for this reason. They simply do not apply to the world that man lives in, day to day. His theories are still considered just that, today, by mankind, as so little of them can be put to the test, and the results arguable even today. He was, in his efforts, pointing man to the horizons, asking them to raise their eyes and think afresh, again and again. Thus, a practical application of his theories to everyday matters that affect even scientists in their labs is simply not possible.

Einstein was more than a genius, he was also on a very determined mission, as a Star Child incarnated by an advanced entity from a higher density. His mission was never achieved, nor was it even begun, as the parameters necessary to support what he was to initiate were never properly in place. This is a common outcome for mercy missions on 3rd Density worlds, one which the Einstein entity had encountered before, and he wasted no effort on grieving. Einstein was prepared for his mission by his place of birth - brains, education, and the warm support of family - the typical Jewish cradle. This was not a missing parameter. Einstein gained fame for his radical postures, disturbing in their logic. He was respected and feared by opponents clinging to comfortable old explanations, and was certainly well positioned to disseminate new concepts. This also was not a missing parameter.

What was missing was the readiness of the educational establishment to adopt, rather than ridicule, concepts he was prepared to present. These concepts dealt with slicing, rather than splitting, the atom, which would have made virtual alchemy out of intractable power source problems that face mankind today. Splitting the atom was the concept behind the atom bomb, a runaway process resulting in uncontrollable heat and expansion - an explosion. Slicing is cold fission, which with proper know-how can transform base elements into their components and take advantage of their remarriage at a later point. Slicing is also the correct method of dispelling radioactivity, where the process is stopped after the slice, skipping the remarriage. Einstein knew that the blockade against these concepts reached outside of academia, as the energy cartels are some of the most powerful. Concepts threatening wealthy cartels invoke government as well as industry response. The bribe or threat is ever present, and takes many forms.

Worse than an idea not born or promulgated is an idea countered, as countering does not simply deny, it constructs and preaches an alternative theory, which must then be overcome. Better to have the field free for the child to ponder, so that the next Einstein can emerge, as emerge he did. This time around the route was not on the international stage of academia and debate. This time around the bearer of this gift was a quiet man, also of Jewish heritage, a simple plumber and self-taught genius who nicely delivered the goods. As more progress has been made by avoiding the stage, his name and product will not be identified here in ZetaTalk.

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