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ZetaTalk: The Dead
Note: written Dec 15, 1995.

Increasingly, during the Awakening, humans will experience contacts with entities formerly incarnated as their family or friends - with the dead. Where visions of dead relatives or friends have been intrinsic during a Near Death Experience, or within minutes of the death of a loved one who would appear briefly to say good-by, these visions will begin to occur out of these contexts. These visions, a result of a spirit- to-spirit communication, are recorded in the subconscious and thence appear during recall in the conscious in a manner the human brain can grasp. These formerly incarnated entities in no way have their former form or garb, but are recorded in the brain in that manner due to mental connections that are bonded to thoughts of the dead loved one. If the spirit formerly incarnated as Uncle Joe visits, then one frames out this awareness of the visit with Uncle Joe's visage and tone of voice, just a brain cell away from where memories of Uncle Joe are stored.

As the Transformation is now, entities who have made their orientation decision and undecided entities alike want that last word with loved ones before moving on to their next incarnation. If firmly in the Service-to-Other they may wish to encourage others in this direction. If undecided and aware that they will be taken to a world far from Earth, they may wish to say good-by or express encouragement to loved ones they know will likewise be making the same trip. And if firmly in the Service-to-Self, they may wish to contact a former cohort and put a word in for this orientation choice so as to be less alone in a potentially distressing environment.

Humans giving The Call will thus find that increasingly they are communicating not only with aliens but the dead. This increase is not due to any change in Council rules or in procedures in the alien groups visiting Earth, but is due to the awareness that the dead have of the Transformation, which is now. In the past, the dead expected their next incarnation to follow past patterns. Now they know otherwise.

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