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arrows ZetaTalk: Gradual Change
Note: written Nov 15, 1995. Planet X and the 12th Planet are one and the same.

The word Transformation brings to mind in many sudden change, but as the Transformation is now it is obviously happening gradually. What changes have already taken place, and what are the signs of change? Throughout history there have been places and times noted for cruelty and repression - Inquisitions, the Dark Ages, Nazi death camps, and recently Bosnia. Likewise there have been other places and times noted for the opposite - ancient Athens, the Bill of Rights, socialized medicine, and Civil Rights. In this matters have been not black and white, but gray, for if a theme was then dominant proponents of an alternate way of thinking were also hard at work. During the Dark Ages great discoveries were made, and ancient Athens had its close-minded bullies.

During the Transformation to 4th Density, however, polarization occurs so that alternatives are not so much present as elsewhere. Here we have open-minded exploration of ideas and democratic ideals, and there we have repression. At first, this polarization and separation takes place family by family, then township by township, then spreading to larger areas. Bosnia is an example. Those of kind heart wishing to live harmoniously with their neighbors were not only not heard, they were driven out. Some areas of Argentina have never recovered from the Dirty Wars, and are not about to. If one looks to Scandinavia, one finds legislated consideration, support of others, and public access to information of all kinds. Those who do not find this climate to their liking leave to settle elsewhere. These trends toward separation will continue, and acerbate, during the Transformation.

In step with spiritual change, physical change has taken place. The concepts espoused by the Green Movement, begun in the Netherlands, are now espoused worldwide, and words and thoughts have been followed by action. Pollution control and abatement, once the purview of minuscule government agencies, now hits the front pages regularly and occupies the hearts and minds of researchers world wide. The results, evident only within the past few years, include microbes that eat pollution, plants that cleanse the soil, and alternative natural products that don't pollute. Likewise, some religious movements such as Islamic dictates have become more harsh and repressive, resulting in increased restrictions on women. In racial relations advocates of separation have grown bolder and even managed to reverse progress of late. If one takes note of the physical signs and follows them to their source, one can almost delineate the boundaries of spiritual separation. Signs of transformative change!

Note: below added during the Dec 28, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Sessions.

Polarization in the main goes on undetected, with humans migrating to areas they sense will be more compatible with their thinking. Humans join groups, decide what shops to shop in, take walks in this or that park, all based on orientation, increasingly. Political groups, religious affiliations, all are affected by orientation leanings. Decisions as to what groups to belong to, what locales to live in, what employer to work for, are made daily based on the sense the human has that their chosen orientation fits in.

At a certain point, during a polarization period, these trends are noticed, as they become extreme. This is the point reached today, thus noticed. In the past, where the vast majority were undecided, only the occasional fully developed Service-to-Self or Service-to-Other would be about to influence matters. Jesus, or Genghis Khan, so their influence was obvious. During the Tranformation, where an influx of Service-to-Other Star Children, including Walk-ins that increase their numbers dramatically without the birth or maturation of children being required for influence, those in the Service-to-Self are threatened. The percentage of Service-to-Other on the Earth is tipping, and the Service-to-Self among humans feel uncomfortable. They group more tightly, to be with their like kind. They seek more control, get more shrill, dictate more rules, and restrict access to themselves. This is all to increase their comfort level, to return to the comfort level they remember in prior times. This desire for control, to return to the good-ol-days, is what in fact drives the polarization, as the Service-to-Self willingly separate!

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