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ZetaTalk: Death Wish
Note: written Nov 15, 1995.

Florida and California are both at risk to heavy tidal waves during the coming pole shift, and as suffocation is a painless and swift departure many oldsters or transients wishing not to linger during troubled times have migrated there. These decisions are not conscious, however, and if challenged would be denied. Suicide, for those in good health who have concern for others, should never be considered, though this is of course a personal decision. The reason we advise to consider otherwise is that others will need you. You are aware of what is coming, and so many will be taken unawares.

There are children who will be left orphaned, without protection, vulnerable to the worst nightmares. There are those who will wish to stay alive for the safe of their dependents, children or others in poor health or needing them, who will need advice. What to eat? Where to go? How to distill the water to avoid lead poisoning? Where to get Vitamin C? And what to expect over the next few months? Should they move to the hills or remain along the rivers where fish abound? Should they rebuild a shelter or plan a houseboat to accommodate the rising water? Should they join this group or that, or take to the road? What country or direction is the best direction, if moving is the obvious choice? How long will this last? Will help arrive to rescue them? All these questions are those you can help them with.

So before considering an easy way out for yourself, consider how much you can relieve the pain of others, who will suffer without your help!

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