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ZetaTalk: Blue Star
Note: written Nov 15, 1995.

The coming Transformation propagates so many expectations that it is no surprise that stories abound. Some of the favorites involve being transformed by light, a take-off from the notion that entities evolve toward existing only in light form and the awareness that contactees have that highly evolved entities visit them in light form. Along those lines is a fanciful story that a Blue Star will arrive during the Transformation to bathe the Earth in healing rays. There is no such Blue Star nor is the Transformation to occur in this manner. The Transformation looks inward, to the hearts and minds of Earthlings. It is here where the healing light, so to speak, comes from, not some magical saving ray from outer space. Humans looking for salvation must look to themselves, and this is one of the lessons to be learned. Only spiritual infants look to others for salvation, as the infant looks to its parents.

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