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ZetaTalk: Meaning of Life
Note: written Oct 15, 1995.

Humans, unsure of an afterlife and without proof that reincarnation exists, often wonder what the point of it all is. Why struggle to be good when good guys seem to finish last. Why work to build an empire when disaster can strike and bring it to ruin. They look around and ask, is this all there is? They wonder if there is a God, or if there is why atrocities are allowed to occur. It all boils down to the question - what is the Meaning of Life?

Confusion is deliberate during 3rd Density, a relatively short density, as the single lesson to be learned comes to a focus fastest when the eye cannot see past the horizon. Service-to-Self or Service-to-Other is the decision to be made, but as this is an emotional and moral decision, rather than an intellectual decision, not knowing the outcome of this decision keeps the action going in the proper arena. Imagine if youngsters in school were given no descriptions on the outcome of their curricular decisions. This is a trendy idea which is scarcely followed, as parents and teachers and family and the media all influence youngsters by pointed references and applause or punishment if not by outright demands. The youngsters might be entranced by building things with blocks but be told that will only lead to a dirty job working with one's hands, or be gifted at music and be enthralled in composing music to the exclusion of all other activities but be reminded just as constantly that performers don't have the lifestyle that white collar professionals can look to. The youngster's choices, in short, are not made based on their inclinations in the main.

During 3rd Density the spiritual choices to be made crystallize quickest when no influences are allowed to interfere. Being aware of the outcome during the learning incarnations slows the process because intellectual decisions are made that are contrary to the emotional and moral leaning, so backsliding and vacillation set in. In situations where 3rd Density entities are told the outcome of their decisions they almost invariably announce they are Service-to-Other, when in fact they are dithering between the orientations and haven't decided. Then hypocrisy sets in as self-centered motives are masked, and when the entity cannot deny to themselves that they are acting with self-centered motives they may abandon the effort altogether in self-defeating rebellion. When unaware, they are more honest with themselves, ponder the results of actions and how they feel about this more openly, try various alternatives more playfully, and in general proceed with the business at hand in a more genuine manner.

During the Transformation few entities complete their 3rd Density lesson under the duress of the rapid pace of change. Some entities leaning toward the Service-to-Other rise to the opportunities presented to do greater acts of service. Many entities leaning strongly toward the Service-to-Self act out their orientation choice without hesitation, practicing for the life they are sensing awaits them, where the spoils go to the strongest and boldest. Those entities who are incarnated undecided into the Transformation, which is now, almost invariably remain in that state, as the increasing polarization in the world around them detracts from, rather than adds to, their own introspective search.

Thus, the Meaning of Life during 3rd Density is to determine your spiritual orientation, which we can tell you now as we are well within the Transformation.

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