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ZetaTalk: Sudden Silence
Note: written during the Apr 26, 2003 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

With the approach of the coming pole shift, many who have come to the ZetaTalk site, to the chats, or anxiously checked for new ZetaTalk on matters they seek answers to, are distressed at the though of a cutoff at the pole shift. The Internet will not be functional, with the lack of electrical power, broken servers, and the broken link rule functioning. Short-wave will function, but this will be primarily voice, and on occasion a primitive graphic or text email send in desperation to a loved one missing. Other than voice, short-wave will be highly spotty in any other packet relay mode. Even PC copies of the ZetaTalk web site will be unlikely to be accessible, as PC's will be damaged during the dashing of the Richter 9 quakes, will require repair and electric power, and once again the broken link rule applies. Chat will be at a dead stop, as they require a network of servers even today prone to netsplits or disruptions. They are more fragile than the Internet at large, which is a multiple roadway and detour setup. Thus, for those hungry for guidance, to get their questions answered, for dialog with others of a like mind, there will be a sudden silence!

What will this mean for those who find themselves in survival spots, making do and on occasion having a migrating visitor at their bean pot sharing news from elsewhere? The news will not be a surprise, for those who understood what would happen to the world, globally, both geologically and politically. Some surprises may ensue, based on who survived, what strong arm tactics are used and lose favor, or what illness may be feared or prevail. But in the main, the news will be predictable, almost boring. The injured will either recover or die, those old and ill to begin with, or reliant on medication no longer available, will die. Survivors will form new marital relationships, new family groups, and share knowledge on how to do the chores necessary for a primitive life style. Music and song will fill the hours, particularly as the hours are long and gloomy, and story telling and skits must appreciated as will any good cooks in the group. A quite life will prevail!

Then one day there will be unexpected visitors, odd looking, or humans who could not have arrived on their own. This will be the contact that will open doors, and eventually provide a route into cities or communities where high tech communications are far superior to the old Internet and phone lines and postal service. Thus, for those anxious about being cut off from information, from chats, we suggest that the answer lies in attention to the Service-to-Other lifestyle! It is this that is your ticket!

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