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ZetaTalk: 2003 Accuracy
Note: written during the Mar 22, 2003 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session, where aggressive attacks continued over 2 hours in an attempt to prevent the Session from occurring. These attacks including packet flooding, trying to assume Nancy's identity, filling the session with maximum fake users, and flooding the log by repeating anything Nancy posted during the session dozens of times by different fake users. None of this succeeded.

This is a desperate attempt to fatigue the group, as ZetaTalk accuracy has become so pronounced that the debunkers have been told to try anything, something, just do it. Of course, the attacks come too late, as ZetaTalk is already internationally famous, known, and such attacks only server to prove the truth of the message. Many have wondered why we allowed Nancy to ‘stumble’, make errors, and we explained this as a means of placating the enemy, as they thought her weakened and irrelevant. But at the same time, the strength of the overall ZetaTalk message was such that it spread like a wildfire throughout the world. Via the Internet, by word of mouth, and the ZetaTalk fan club just kept expanding. It would appear suddenly as a mention in a Australian magazine, in a German magazine, in a Russian rumor rag. It would by an attempt to discredit it, appear in US news articles. Many wondered why the fervor, for a false message! The latest was NASA itself, in trying to associate ZetaTalk with the NEAT V1 comment as a false rumor. Of course, it was the NASA lackey Mitch Battros of Earth Changes TV who started the rumor, but he was exempt from NASA's scorn. Of course, it was the NASA web site itself that had a false image on its pages for a day or so, but they excused themselves likewise.

The cat is out of the bag!

Slowing rotation is so pronounced that even those not aware of the prediction are noticing their clocks minutes slow, on a regular basis, from ‘official’ time. Quakes have increased to the extent that they are occurring, to a noticeable level, where quakes do not occur. Citizens informed discretely to be prepared for disasters such as quakes or floods talk, as the weather is so extreme that they sense this is not related to terrorism or normal alerts during saber rattling by this country or that. The economy, worldwide, can no longer be disguised by any, as it has reached the point where corporations can no longer function, and bankruptcies, layoffs, closures, are on the increase after having been the only message economically in point of fact for a year. How is it that the US Stock Market is pretending a rally, when the rest of the world’s markets are at 1/4 to /13 of their worth? If one examines what it takes to maintain a false level for a stock, one sees that few hands can control the price, and the price is what determines the market level. Orders to sell are suppressed and forbidden, orders to buy any stock offered are given, and the stock appears to be in demand, falsely. This is a known, and illegal, maneuver, but the fox is watching the hen house these days. Companies that attempt to disguise their falling value may buy and sell from themselves repeatedly, to maintain the price, an illegal act. All this is rushing around frantically in an attempt to prevent the inevitable. The inbound Planet X is now increasingly sighted by those looking, and is so dramatic a sight when first sighted by those who have been told by the officials that nothing is there, that this message will spread like wildfire too!

And what are the officials to do?

Deny that something is there, where ZetaTalk pointed since1995, to a hair of a degree from where it is appearing now? Do they not realize that the Path diagram has been out there since early 1997? Do they not realize that the ZetaTalk message, the site, has been so popular that the world has been talking about it for years? Do they think that a message proven so correct, that it predicted the current weather where no other source did, predicted the current increase in quakes when no other source did, predicted the increasing illness that is so dramatically expressing around the world when no other source did, and predicted the exact spot where this inbound complex could be found, at the size and distance it would appear as, and 5+ years before it arrived at the 3/3/2003 spot predicted where it would be found would not be noticed? Is this accuracy or what? Now, to add to the fame of ZetaTalk, it gets IRC attacks! Good, this just proves the importance of the message, and how much the elite fears it being noticed.

Too late! They just confirmed for all those folks about to go out with binoculars, or their unaided eye, and look to the SW in the evening sky, and see for themselves, that it is a true message. So, once again, the debunking team shot themselves in the foot!

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