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ZetaTalk: IRC Attacks
Note: written during the Feb 22, 2003 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

The continued attacks on Queen's well disciplined channel is due to her success in having a flowing and Structured discussion. The debunkers are eliminated, removed promptly as well as any good hearted folk wanting to be chatting or distracting. She is vicious in her intent to have a discussion continue in spite of all the panic and deliberate distraction that might ensue during these times. It is not her strong hand that has brought the attacks about, but her success. Many school marms who are strict are hated, resented, but they succeed in getting the lessons attended to. Anyone wanting to see a different arena need only compare the #zetatalk channel in the weeks before Queen's channel started to see the chaos. This was what the debunkers wanted, an utter inability of anyone to ask a civil question of the Zetas. They wanted the right to post their opinions, solely, or in such clutter than a newcomer reading these logs would be drown in disinformation. They wanted to commandeer the stage, have it be their stage.

The resentment, and attacks against Queen, are because she changed this, and #zetatalk has become someone more controlled in recent weeks only because they are trying to encourage Queen and all who support her to give up! It would shortly go back to the old days, if she did so. Thus, the minions are out trying to attack this channel, the #poleshiftdiscussion channel, but hold firm! This will not last, as the Earth Changes have gotten so severe, are already leaking outside of media control, and will soon have everyone, including the debunkers, so distracted they will have other matters to attend to. Bear in mind that all humans on Earth, even those expected to be faithful in their duties, are worried about themselves and their families and safety. They do not adhere to their masters, when push comes to shove, and will falter in their duties increasingly. Thus, consider this a temporary attack, diminishing in intensity, and likely to disappear within weeks. Treat it like mosquitoes, and swat them and continue!

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