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ZetaTalk: Monitored
Note: written during the Feb 8, 2003 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

The ZetaTalk message is popular on the Internet, worldwide, mentioned in printed matter such as magazines and newspapers, and has a broad reach. Despite attempts to utterly discredit it, Nancy and ourselves have managed to dance through the maze, and arrived at a position of influence. As mentioned previously, they cannot, despite their numerous attempts, kill certain influential individuals, due to our protection, so the dance was an attempt to increase the reach of the message, while convincing the distressed power mad that they had won the battle. Refer to the information we gave some months earlier, about Nancy being allowed to stumble, re this. Thus, ZetaTalk has arrived at the last hour, fully known worldwide, widely respected, increasing in influence enormously even should it stop being accessible, because of the many who have followed it over the years, and the many personal copies of the message that have been made.

In short, the word is out, and therefore simply trying to stop the message creates a greater problem, as this would be taken as a sign that a cover-up was in effect, proof of the validity of the message. Thus, those who would prevent the common man from knowing what is happening, today, are stuck. They cannot simply stop ZetaTalk, as this would be as bad as allowing it to continue full force. They cannot counter the highlights of the message, ie the inbound planet becoming visible 7 weeks before passage [Note: see 2003 Date explanation], as any attempt to offer a countering explanation would be suspect. They have thus decided to ignore the message, pretend what is being imaged at our coordinates is not there, and having increasingly prestigious personages mutter disparaging remarks about Nancy and ZetaTalk.

But in the back rooms, in private discussions among themselves, the elite, the mongers of death and agony to the common man, pour over new ZetaTalk with increasing anxiety. Their best laid plans are not working out, the attempts to spread the US military worldwide to enforce the wishes of the elite is meeting with problems as the military is taking sick, being spread too thin, and not being allowed to overtake their objectives promptly so that Iraq falls, Saudi Arabia falls, and the rest of the world be damned. They see their prized plans, to escape to Mars, dashed most embarrassingly with the recent Shuttle disaster. They see their attempts to maintain the markets, with false value assigned to stock becoming rapidly worthless, slipping from their fingers daily. And they read with horror the ZetaTalk that is allowed to emerge because to prevent this, to insert their control, creates an even greater aura of truth to the ZetaTalk message, as this weeks problems with the #poleshiftdiscussion chat will demonstrate.

Do we have White House members, assigned to attend the chats? Absolutely. Does Putin monitor ZetaTalk, the Brits? Most definitely. Putin monitors, the Brits have long been among the disrupters, and other countries reach, long reach, to attend, to stay abreast of the latest bombs before they hit the streets.

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