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ZetaTalk: Walk-In President
Note: written during the Jan 25, 2003 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

Ruth Montgomery is a valid channel but is in touch with entities other than ourselves. Thus, to dissect her channeled reports is to step in and speak for these entities, who would understandably resent this. Any channeled work done in the past is also subject to change, when the actions are in the hands of man, as we have repeatedly stressed.

It is a logical, and predictable, assumption that given the polarization to Service-to-Self the Senior Bush as President had, and the behind the scenes maneuvers, the extremely harsh treatment of Clinton during his era, that Service-to-Self humans would attempt to take over the Presidency of the US going into the shift. 40 million dollars was spent on finding criminal actions of Clinton re 40 thousand dollars, yet the Enron connection to the current President, his criminal accounting during Harken Energy, Chenny's criminal accounting during Haliburton, are all excused. This is an example of the determination of the Service-to-Self humans currently in charge of the White House to gain power, and their intense resentment that Clinton withstood them as long as he did. Pollution is on the upswing, forgiven to a horrific degree by the former Governor who had the largest polluting record, over Texas, of any other state, but this is overlooked and never mentioned by the media. More homeless, in states strapped for funds to feed them, while the Military is being beefed up so the Bush family and cohorts can gain control of Iraq oil, and no one mentions this in the media. Now, given such a mind set in control, why would a walk-in occur?

Those choosing the Service-to-Self orientation are not strong types, they are the typical bully who is endlessly cruel as long as they are on top, but who whimper and plead the moment the tables are turned. Cowards, at their base, pandering to their comforts and changing loyalties freely. Given the situation where a President, predictably Service-to-Self at the time Ruth's prediction was made, would be faced with maintaining a public face to a hostile public, what is to be expected? This is tense, the public face needing to be empathic yet maintaining the lie, the demands from various Service-to-Self advisers and handlers in conflict, all demanding cooperation. There is no one boss in this matter, so dissension is rift, yet grabbing the bottle or snorting cocaine is not allowed! This type of situation is something a highly Service-to-Other person could and does frequently tolerate, in order to achieve a mission, but the Service-to-Self are a different lot.

They want quick gratification, and go for it, and when these maneuvers don't win, they show their resentment. When they present their irritation, this is counter to their handlers demands, as they are expected to pretend they are empathic to the lot of the public. Thus, this is stressful on an Service-to-Self puppet, such as the current President, the Junior Bush, represents. Given that the spirit can decide to leave the body, and have a conference with their Spirit Guides on this matter quite outside of the awareness of human handlers present, an exit can occur. If the body is void of an incarnating spirit, it is open to volunteers, and since the Service-to-Self spirits would be loathe to enter into this situation, painful for an Service-to-Self spirit, it is an opportunity. Whether such an exit and potential walk-in occurs is in the hands of man, or certainly in the spirit incarnated in the Junior Bush and his henchman Chenny, so is not something we care to predict.

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