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ZetaTalk: Judgment Day
Note: written Aug 15, 1995.

The millennium, with its transformative aspects, has been colored in many ways by many religions. The Christian religion paints this as the day of judgment, which in some respects it is! During the Transformation, those souls who have been practicing a true Service-to-Others orientation, where they care for others as much as the self, will get their reward, in a manner of speaking, by being allowed to incarnate again on Earth for what they would consider better times - life with others of the same orientation, or a Heaven on Earth. Likewise, those souls who have been practicing a determined Service- to-Self orientation, where they care for themselves 95% of the time and scarcely ever think of others, will find they are destined to what most would call a Hell - life with others like themselves!

Will the graves open and the dead walk again? In that all spirits who have been incarnating on Earth will be sorted out during the same general time period, this story has a relationship to the facts. Jesus did not mean that he himself, personally, would be returning to act as judge and jury, but that he and his group, along with others, would be involved with the Earth at this time.

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