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ZetaTalk: Debate
Note: written during the Jan 25, 2003 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

One of the surest ways for parents to get their children to assume responsibility, get involved, is not to be ever-present or overactive. A bit of benign neglect allows a leadership vacuum, and lo, in steps a child who is tired of waiting, taking up the task! This does more than simply get another to do a task, as once a child starts assuming responsibility, they start to enjoy it, take pride in the outcome, and this action continues. Natural leaders emerge during distressing times when no leadership seems forthcoming. These leaders may in fact be better than the official leaders, but not wanting to be disruptive, hold back and take support roles instead of assuming leadership. In a void, this social politeness is not necessary, and a new leader is born! This is all to say that a parent, or leader, wanting more involvement from the community, can arrange this best by not being utterly involved, answering every question, doing every task, but by being absent.

Now, given the imaging ongoing during the Fall of 2002 and into the early weeks of 2003, how does this apply? The Sighting TEAM is small, consisting of Steve, Pierre, JWilliam and Naji, in that order joining the TEAM. Nancy determines what will go on her web site, but has been wanting, and expressing the hope, that many web sites would emerge and many sources of images would emerge, for some months. She is, frankly, tired of the time required on her part, and the increasing demands for interviews are only going to increase, which should, in her view, be her primary role. JWilliam and Pierre have their own web sites, often in opposition to what other TEAM members state, or in opposition to what Nancy and ourselves state, and this has never been a problem.

And why not? From the start of the Fall 2002 viewing season, and even prior to that if one reads the pages in the Sighting TEAM section, there has been debate and disagreement. This has never been suppressed, despite the hope of the debunking crowd that the ZetaCult or ZetaDrone title would stick. We, the Zetas, have never asked for more than that man be informed, and think, and look, and come to their own individual conclusions. This has been stated from day one of ZetaTalk, and is immersed in the body of ZetaTalk, throughout. At the start of the Fall 2002 viewing season, it was the mode, established by Nancy who is of a like mind with us, to allow the public to see the debate among the TEAM members. We thus had Jan's candidate, Charles candidate, etc. and at the end of several days of debate, our opinion. We held off on this opinion to encourage debate, to collect this debate, and it was not only the final Zeta statement that went onto the web, but the debate.

Why? Because this is exactly the type of debate that should be on sci.astro, not endless insults that ZetaTalk is a Nazi or CIA or NASA front, or whatever, insults and adolescent quips that the public long since tired of to the extent that they no longer read sci.astro directly but go to the ZetaTalk website for a summary of what is worth reading! This was, of course, the reason for the press early last summer to have Nancy put all posting for a thread on her web site, an obvious organized campaign as the email Nancy received on this matter were form letters, filled in! This is an immensely important issue, none more important, to mankind at this time. This is in the skies at this time, available to amateurs, and should be the main topic on the sci.astro and related Usenets, not in the grip of paid debunkers, who seem to number only a dozen or so! Where is the public in all of this! Where is the debate! This is what we are trying to encourage, and if our word on just which spot is it is always quickly forthcoming, then debate is stifled!

Thus, we have increasingly held back, especially since it is evident that the White Persona is on path with the coordinates, and the Red Persona is subject to bending toward whatever side the core of the Earth is, at the time. Those in the southern hemisphere can figure this out, for them, etc. Likewise, we have allowed Nancy to look foolish, the latest session last Sunday when she shared her bumbling on asteroids with the public, shamelessly. The TEAM, politely, informed her she was wrong, and she will post this to the web site during her day off tomorrow. This is not the first time we allowed, encouraged, Nancy to stumble, to show the process, to be egoless in this manner, as this encourages others to do likewise! The teacher who is perfect, insists they are perfect and cannot make a mistake, creates a suppression in the classroom where students are afraid to raise their hand. The teacher who is tolerant of their own mistakes, the process of exploration, finds the classroom buzzing! Thus, we expect, and hope, that if man is uncertain, and Nancy is imperfect, that debate will ensue, which it should!

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