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ZetaTalk: Roles
Note: written during the Jan 11, 2003 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

Many contactees, most of whom do not even know they are contactees, sense they have a role to play soon. We have referred to the subconscious knowledge of this, where the role might be in conflict with the contactees existing life, as timed-release information. One day, the contactee notes a news cast, or hears comments made by friends, or sees the weather turn suddenly unseasonably warm, and the trigger has been switched to on. The contactee may go home and pack and take off for another country or province or state, with barely a notice given to employer or family or friends. A contactee may decide that now is the time for that vacation, long put off, and make these arrangements putting all other priorities aside. It is unlikely that a contactee would suddenly decide they need to develop a skill set, such as working with manual tools, or gardening, as if this was sensed as part of their role they would have been able to integrate this into their lifestyle earlier.

The changes we are talking about are abrupt, and disruptive, and thus have been put off. This would include divorce, or separation, from a spouse that had been convenient during the life lived prior to the trigger being switched, but which was known would not be possible during the Aftertime. An example is a marriage where the wife is petulant, given to pampering herself with luxuries, and would not leave a setting where these luxuries were abundant even when faced with sudden death. The husband, in this marriage the strong person, a parent to the wife in essence, determines he has a role to play in helping survivors, and leaves the wife rather than die with her, as he knows he cannot force her to move to safety. This of course might be on the other foot, with a caring and strongly Service-to-Other wife taking the children to safety a few weeks ahead of the shift, and simply refusing to return, giving the shocked husband divorce notice from afar. He then has the choice of leaving the golf course, the executive club, his mistress, or whatever else holds him to his place, or staying. He would in any case have to make this choice, but the wife has made her choice for herself and the children.

Where a role is not in conflict with the person's existing life, it is likely to be expressed early, as soon as realized. Where in conflict, such as a military person who has determined to prevent blockades, keeping the poor or minority populations trapped in cities during the last hours, realization of their role might come at the very last minute. The reasons are obvious: if the military individual were to consciously realize this earlier, he or she would give their plans away, and prevent the role from happening! Thus, those in such double identity binds often have a hard denial of their contactee role. Thus, there is no simply statement that can be made about contactee roles, and when the contactee will become aware of their chosen role. It depends: on the contactee, their life situation, the culture they live in, and an endless number of factors.

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