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ZetaTalk: Rapid Change
Note: written during the Jan 11, 2003 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

Many normal weather, disease, or animal behavior is noted during rapid change, and attributed to some exceptional cause. This has occurred during the past few years in regard to weather, in a reverse fashion, as the establishment is quick to point out that at sometime in the past there was such a drought, such a storm, or such a warm day in winter or a cold day in summer. They are, in this, seeking to diminish the reaction among the populace that weather has gotten extreme, which it has, even within the memory of man. Should patterns showing the switching about, from deluge to drought, or the extremes reached in both directions, this would not be a part of previously known patterns. In illness, we are frequently asked if this or that seeming epidemic is manmade, or bio-terrorism, when it is just existing germs affecting those with reduced immune systems, or existing germs in new places, or unknown germs now becoming prominent.

Nevertheless, these germs are not new, even if unknown, and the increased illness is due to dropping immune systems, migrating germs, and opportunistic germs. Animal behavior also has been noted as almost crazed, where animals normally passive and seeking to avoid confrontation will attack with provocation, or fly in the wrong direction during migration. This is due to signals the animals or insects get from the core of the Earth, signals not known to man, but nontheless there. Humans are also affected by the core emanations, but not to any degree that would be noted in the populace at large. One affect is a decreased immune system, but this is to a larger extent cause by depression over changed events than core emanations. A second effect manifests in being distracted, not thinking clearly, but this is to a larger extent caused by being subconsciously upset over the manner in which the establishment is addressing the problems, the cover-ups increasingly obvious. Thus, unlike spiders who weave acres of webs, or migrating birds going in the wrong directions, there is little that is evident in man that can be accounted for as core emanations.

Spiders weaving webs to an extreme so that acres are covered under webs, get noted, but the base behavior is normal for a spider. When earthquakes start to affect populated areas, they will be called rogue quakes, as they will occur in places not experiencing them previously, or occur in unusual manners. Perhaps the quake will be a sudden and singular jolt, no precursors or aftershocks, or jolt upward where the region usually experiences sideslip quakes. This does not mean anything has changed, just that the familiar patterns is now new. The Earth has experienced such prolonged droughts, in areas such as Australian and sub-Sahara Africa, that behavior unknown to the inhabitants may occur. Rock, dried beyond dry, will crack or settle in manners not known to the residents. Fires, where they start and normally flow forwards toward the source of fuel, may find all vegetation in its path so dry that it burns hot, driving the air away from the fire in a draft. Water logged soil may slide in areas not used to land slides, or even cause hillsides to move sideways due to the lift that water tables can give it. Thus, we are telling you that just because a phenomena is unusual for an area, does not make it unusual for life on Earth in general! Expect the unexpected!

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