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ZetaTalk: NESARA
Note: written during the Jan 7, 2003 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

NESARA [National Economic Stabilization And Recovery Act] is a concept only, being floated out to determine interest in such a concept by the establishment who is aware that the common man will increasingly experience personal loss, and become increasingly desperate.

What can the establishment do to forestall panic, riots, placards waved in the air over angry heads in front of the White House, a story that would surely get in the news somewhere, in spite of media control, and the cat out of the bag. Would the public buy that some general amnesty was about to be issued? Would they even consider such a concept? If rumors were to circulate, on the Internet, would this get around, get mentioned at coffee houses, at bars, at the workplace? If so, then such rumors are worth floating, if not, then another tack needs to be taken.

NESARA was such a test ground, and determined that where this was highly attractive to the man on the streets, none of whom are without debts, it was deemed impractical by any but the most childish. Who would buy that banks would forgive all debts? This is how they make their living. Who would buy that politicians would resign? They fight tooth and nail to get into politics, where they are in the power structures, on the stage, and must be pried away from this life, in the main. And how to adjust the inequities? If one man owes another a debt, is this not absolved, while debts to the banks are? Where is the line drawn? Rent past due? Home ownership recently arranged forgiven the same as home ownership one payment from completion? The concept is ludicrous, when examined as to workability, and after an initial perk of interest, soon falls into this type of discussion on how it would be implemented. Thus, the establishment has determined that other means, such as frank payment of unemployment benefits, an extended coverage, needs to be done.

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