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ZetaTalk: Colonialism
Note: written during the October 19, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

Africa like much of the world was colonized early, and brutally. The Americas were colonized, but being peers of those oppressing them, they had courage to rebel. South America likewise was colonized, but the immigrants from Europe likewise established independence. The North American Indians, and those in South America, suffer still at the hands of the colonists, or their usurpers. Countries such as India had a long suffering time getting out from under colonists, as Gandi's history attests. East Timor was almost beaten to death by brutality before the world finally cried enough. The Australian Aboriginal are still the underclass, though the superior culture in human terms. Castro has enemies still, because he refused to reinstate the gambling and drug/drink smuggling interests of the elite, who had located and found very useful the island of Cuba. Indeed, shouting that Castro needs to be replaced is less due to the lifestyles and health of the people there, who could benefit from simple trade restraints being lifted. The shouting is from those who still hope to reinstate gambling, and their illicit trade routes, in Cuba, and are being frustrated.

And Africa, almost without exception, is only lately getting independence, and then only in name, not action. Corporate interests, supported by those countries with interests in the area, are still ruling, brutally. But just as democracies are increasingly emerging around the globe, so the heads of the oppressed are raising, and questioning, and demanding their rights at long last. The cry, of course, from those losing a grip on their slave classes and the riches of the lands owned by rights to the oppressed, is the better good. Corporate interests, or the interests of governing parties who stand to benefit, is that it is in the interest of the people to leave those formerly in charge, in charge. Starvation will ensue, loss of jobs, an economy so fragile and recently constructed will crash, and all manner of horror stories to delay the return of land and land use rights to the oppressed rightful owners. Is their truth in this? Only if those wanting continued control make it happen. If medicine, routing of food, and protection is withheld, then of course suffering will occur. And such manipulation is tried, repeatedly, in this game.

When will the game stop? When the pole shift cuts off communication and resources from the oppressors, the worm will turn. It is then that the oppressor will be turning for help to those oppressed, who will often remember horrors done recently to them. Not a pleasant ending, but one reflecting the karma that often occurs in a given individuals lifetime, due to their own actions in that lifetime.

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